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Minor Surgery

A number of our doctors perform minor surgery. This includes injections of joints, removal of cysts and treatment of other skin lesions. Please speak to your own doctor who will arrange treatment if appropriate.

Diabetic Monitoring

Patients with diabetes should have regular checks to ensure their disease control is as good as possible and to help with the early detection of complications. Patients can book an appointment with the practice nurses, who will undertake checks such as blood pressure, blood testing, weight and urine testing as well as offering special advice about diabetes. Please ask for 30 min appointments for annual reviews and 20 min appointments for more routine reviews.

Cardiovascular Disease Clinics

These clinics are held at all three sites by the practice nurses. The aim is to help ensure optimal control of cardiovascular diseases such as angina and stroke. If you are on the practice cardiovascular disease register, you should have regular checks of blood pressure and cholesterol. The basic checks will usually be done by the healthcare assistant with a follow up appointment with the practice nurse to review your progress.

Asthma and COPD Clinics

These clinics are again run by the practice nurses. The aim is to meet with you at least once a year to review your situation and medication use. A winter action plan is often devised to help you through an often difficult time of year.


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