We operate a system based upon "Advanced Access". This means you can see a member of the clinical team (this can be either a Nurse Practitioner or Support Pharmacist) within 24 hours and see a GP within 48hrs - this may not be with your registered GP.

Appointments can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance, however, because of difficulties for working people, older people and the disabled who may have to plan ahead, we release a number of routine appointments 4 weeks in advance. We guarantee that for urgent problems, patients will be seen the same day. However, this may not be with your usual or preferred doctor.

Routine appointments are for 15 minutes. If you think you may need longer than usual, for example because you have a complex problem or you have more than one problem to discuss, please ask the receptionist for a double appointment.


You may be able to help us work more efficiently if we could work together to help to solve your problems.

If you could offer information about the following areas when you see us we would be very grateful. It would help us work more effectively within the current time constraints:-

  1. Please tell us what you think may have caused the clinical problem - you will probably be right!
  2. If you have concerns or worries about a serious underlying disease such as cancer or meningitis please tell us - we can work to deal with these issues more effectively if you let us know what may be bothering you, even if it seems "silly" to you.
  3. If you have discussed the problem with anyone else such as relatives,other health workers or pharmacists and they have suggested tests or treatment which you now expect please tell us - if we know what you are expecting we can sort things out for you more quickly.
  4. If the effect of the problem is disruption of your life or work and you may need a "fit note" or other support we need to know please - it helps us to prioritise treatment if we know how difficult things are for you.
  5. If you are feeling unusually sad or worried please tell us - many things apart from physical diseases can cause distressing symptoms.

Please remember that being asked to deal with more than one problem in a consultation is a common reason for us being unable to keep the appointment system running on time. Please book double appointments (30 min) if you have several problems or complex issues to deal with.


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